Mike's Big Book of Songs

Red Guitar

it was outside donna's bar
that i pushed you up against a car
i liked you and you liked me
'cause i played a red guitar

your husband was a handsome man
but as handsome as he was
he never had a hope in hell
why? well just because

you drove me home down rampart street
you fell asleep in the driver's seat
when you awoke the light was green
and the pedals were at your feet

luck was on our side that night
and we wondered just how far
you & i might push our luck
with a red guitar

seven years we wondered far
a thousand nights we slept in that car
and your love for me only grew cold
once i sold that red guitar

we had a wreck on 85
the car was smashed but it still drives
you were bruised and i was shaken
but our love did not survive

and there is where our luck ran out
there we came apart
and that is why i'm going up town
to buy back my red guitar
yes that is why i'm going uptown
buy back my red guitar

©2003 Mike West

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