Mike's Big Book of Songs
Pretty Horses

there'll be no man eating tigers
no man eating fire
no man eating woman
walking up on a high wire

but it'll be a spectacle
the greatest show on earth
if tickets went on sale
what would they'd be worth

but we don't have to jump turn styles
or climb over a fence
today the show is free
so tell your friends

the clowns won't be wearing
no bright colors or big boots
they'll be in patent leather shoes
& business suits

& they'll tumble out of limousines
make us laugh until we hurt
there'll be pyrotechnics
with a 1000 tons of dirt

flying a hundred feet or more
up into the air
it'll be better than anything you saw
at the state fair

yeah there'll be powder kegs
& there'll be a big gun
today the human canon ball
will be you, me & everyone

they'll fire us out of the ring
but not into a net
we gonna land wherever we land
gonna take whatever we can get

we're gonna hear the roar
of thunderous applause
that’ll be the river
breaking down walls

and then all the pretty horses
will come galloping in
they'll trample our fields
ruin everything

and there'll be no cotton candy
no hot dog stands
and there'll be no harvest
from our ruined lands

but everyone will turn out
and wait in the rain
'cause you never know when you'll get to see
a show like this again

and there'll be no parade
and there'll be no marquis
but it'll be a circus
| just you wait and see

when they dynamite the levee
they're gonna dynamite the levee
they're gonna dynamite the levee

©2003 Mike West

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