Mike's Big Book of Songs
Fog On The River

there's a fog on the river
the air is thick and heavy
it piles up on the bank
then it tumbles down the levee
all the way to kathleen's house
the last house on my street
she'll be cracking open a shaeffer now
standing in bare feet
while her boyfriend does the dishes
and neighborhood dogs bark
and children shoot their pistols
at the water in the dark
and the horse is in the pasture
and the hound is in there too
and all i'm missing from this picture
is you

there's a barge heading upstream
there's a freighter heading down
if you look across the water
you'll see the lights of town
some nights it's the emerald city
some nights it looks like hell
tonight the fog's too thick and heavy
to really tell
and the pelicans have flown
they'll be back come spring
or is it fall or is it winter
i have trouble remembering
and the draw bridge sounds the horn
and it opens right on cue
and all i'm missing from this picture
is you

when the joggers are all run out
and the fishermen go home
i'll have the river to myself
but i won't be alone
'cause there are rats among the rocks
and there's a pilot on that ship
with a whisky flask, when no-one's looking
he'll take a little sip
and the last of the shrimping boats
is bringing home the catch
while a kid with a cigarette
asks me for a match
and i'll say that i don't have one
even though i do
and all i'm missing from this picture
is you

©2003 Mike West

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