Mike's Big Book of Songs

Come On In

come on in the a.c.'s cool
i'm tired of staring at empty stools
there's a free table if you like pool
you got no i.d., we can bend the rules

there's a poker machine will take your money
bartender will call you honey
feller from wisconsin thinks he's funny
will bore you to tears

we got big screen t.v.s small screen too
we got em in the bar, we got em in the bathroom
you're never more than 5 feet
from a cathode ray tube

we got a live band and we got no cover
you don't like this song, they'll play another
the lead singer is the waiter's lover
the bass player is working under cover

the bartender is on the lam
the waiter is in a witness protection program
i ain't telling you who i am
who's asking and who gives a damn

you got one foot in one out the door
yeah you could drink down the street, sure
but we need your US dollars more
we're all veterans of the drug war

i'm running out of smart ass things to say
let's join hands kneel and pray
that all good things come your way
now you're here you might as well stay

©2003 Mike West

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