Mike's Big Book of Songs
I55 South

you left two kids back with your mamaw
you left your old dog with the pound
and you left your lover lying on the shoulder
of the I 55 southbound

you got a half tank of gas and a dr pepper
and a pack of cigarettes you found
it's a hundred degrees and the a.c.'s broke
and the window it won't roll down

you left two kids...

the radio works and it's gospel hour
and they're singing higher ground
if god is in his heaven now
you're hoping he ain't looking down

you left two kids...

trucks roll by doing seventy five
but he don't hear a sound
maybe he's drunk maybe he's dead
maybe he'll never be found

you're driving south to jackson
you're thirty five miles from town
you don't care what you're conscience tells you
you ain't 'bout to to turn around

©2003 Mike West

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