Mike's Big Book of Songs

Redneck Riviera - White Collar Waltz

she wore a blue skirt
and a white shirt
to the interview
i said, "what can you do?"
she said, "typing, dictation
i work hard and i'm patient
and i never make mistakes"

he wore a bow tie
bags under both eyes
he looked tired
when he said i was hired
i was wary at first
he was pompous and worse
he was married

she understood me
she could see
from the start
my marriage was falling apart
my wife and i fought
when she heard the reports
of our scandalous affair

he took me dancing
in fancy hotels
me a country town girl
and he was so persistent
as his personal assistant
it was hard to say no

he came around after rows with his wife
'cause she knew the right things to say
when he arrived with a bag in his hand
she knew that i planned to stay

we took a big ship
across the Atlantic Ocean
she had this romantic notion
of running away
or being castaway
on some deserted island

he missed his son and daughter
as he stared at the water
and said "still, i have no regrets
and i'm gonna marry you soon
as i carry through with my divorce."
and believe it or not, i did

he wore a suit with his hair slicked back
she knew the right things to say
when he reached in his pocket
and pulled out a band
she knew that i planned
to stay

she wore a blue skirt...

©1995 Mike West

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