Mike's Big Book of Songs
Redneck Riviera - Rag

you can shout
but we can sing
you can wave a big stick
but we can swing it
we can dance
you can barely move
you're so entrenched you're in a rut
we're in a groove

see, we got mandolin
and five string banjo
steel guitar
now twenty five dollars
feels like money in the bank
with an old time, hard time
hillbilly rag

you can push
but we can shove
we bump and grind
and pay no mind
to no lord above
and so we're damned
and you are blessed
and yes you hold the strings
but you'll never make them ring
not unless
you got mandolin...

when i get angry
i'd kill someone
if you gave me a brick bat
or a gun
but ain't no need
'cause i'm not lazy
i practice hard
so i get the speed
to play the mandolin...

©1995 Mike West

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