Mike's Big Book of Songs

Redneck Riviera - Mercy Me

henry's not too bright but he's alright
lived with his ma 'til he was twenty five
they cut his welfare when she died
and threw him in the street where he now resides
like a stray dog
'course henry gets the odd job from joe, you know
'cause joe ain't no einstein but he's not dumb
he tends bar every mardi gras
times being what they are
you need a little extra on the side

mercy me, mercy me
to hear the radio, to see that damn tv
you'd think welfare made bums millionaires
now there's a sight I'd love to see

this store will make an honest man a thief
a little rice, a little beef
priced beyond belief
think twice before you call me a thief
and eddie ain't no angel but he's no crook
sure he sold a little speed
providing for his neighbors' needs
to buy his son a ten speed racer
mercy me...

©1995 Mike West

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