Mike's Big Book of Songs

Redneck Riviera - Me O Mi

you want to make a big splash
throw a rock in the river
you want to make a deep impression
take a hammer to the wall
you want me to love you forever
then don't do anything at all

me o mi, me o my
what is all the fuss about
why are you working so hard
you're a little lazy
a little too smart
you want it easy
but you making it hard

you want to make a loud noise
go blow on a sousaphone
you want to be radiant
try lying on the beach
you want to be the center of attention
but still be out of reach
me o mi...

you want to start a fire
go to a forest
you want to make an entry
try using the door
you want to be a beacon in the darkness
open you eyes and you will see a shore
me o mi...

©1995 Mike West

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