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Redneck Riviera - MausoleumRedneck Riviera - Mausoleum

i've been hammering this old italian accordion
so long
that "danny boy" and "lakes of pontchartrain"
sound like the same song
find me a hill
dig me a ditch
lay me down
let me roll in it
don't let a bar be my mausoleum
don't bury me in new orleans.

scooter sang
sweeter than candied yams
man, he was the best of them
he still plays for the little that it pays
and the bar tab will be the death of him
so buy him a beer
put a buck in his basket
whatever you want to hear
just ask for it
this bar will be his mausoleum
they're going to bury him in new orleans

that little man
who played dixieland
on banjo passed away
a friend of mine said they had a second line
and there was dancing all day
they played side drum
slide trombone
there was a little black box
for his little white bones
they say a bar was his mausoleum
and so they buried him in new orleans

now, at the cemetery of st. roch
the dead lie in apartment blocks
seven stories high
give me a hole in the ground any day of the week
i don't want to pay rent when i die
find me a hill...

©1995 Mike West

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