Mike's Big Book of Songs

Redneck Riviera - Garden of Eden

jerry caught a catfish big as a dog
wish i could catch a fish like that
then he caught a flounder
a fifteen pounder
big as a door mat
it tasted sweet with a little crab meat
well, that's what jerry said
but he showed me the spot
where that fish was caught
jerry i'm surprised you're not dead

oh, looks are deceiving
is this a ghetto or the garden of eden
oh, seeing is believing
show me a ghetto
i'll show you a garden of eden.

patty grows bananas
and keeps an iguana
in the bird cage by the kitchen
she's always in the garden
working hard and
bending her back and bitching
"no matter what i sow
i can't get nothing to grow
in the shade of the pecan tree
i've got a beautiful son
but my husband's a bum
but that's alright with me
'cause oh, looks are deceiving...

you get home from work
you say your boss is a jerk
he doesn't pay you what your worth
i have to agree
'cause for what you do for me
i'd pay you the earth
so we sit outside and watch the last of the light
fading from the skies
a couple of blocks away
you hear shots and say
"these are the best days of our lives."
oh, looks are deceiving...

©1995 Mike West

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