Mike's Big Book of Songs

Race That Train - Turkish Fiddler

in new orleans and baton rouge
folks play the fiddle pretty good
and up in the mountains of north carolina
itty bitty kids play like the old timers
but the finest fiddle i ever heard
was in a honky tonk bar way down in turkey
now they don't send their kids to sunday school
but they sure can play the fiddle in istanbul

it's a long long way from the bible belt
and they say them moslems are going to hell
i think i'll join i think i will
'cause that turk played the fiddle
like the devil himself

he had me dancing like a turkey in the straw
i was flappin' my arms i was stomping on the floor
i knew i's in trouble when this other fella come
and started bangin' on a turkish drum

now me and my friends we pick down home
but i tell you them turks got tricks of their own
yeah, we got banjo, mandolin and such
but the turks got a thing they call a sus

it's a long long way from the bible belt...

©1997 Mike West

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