Mike's Big Book of Songs

Race That Train - Betsy

news reports said she was on her way
and dad thought it a good idea to stay
to see if she was worth all the fuss
at 11 o'clock the wind just died
and everybody on our block breathed a sigh
of relief, thinkin' she wasn't gonna visit us
mama even sent us all to bed
me cursing her under my breath
mama sayin' "boy get in back and don't you cuss"
by midnight i was fast asleep
lyin' next to my sister lisa
sleeping the sleep of the just

then i heard the devil knockin' on my window
mama said "babe it's only wind blowin'"
i heard death rattling chains
mama said "babe it's only rain"
i heard the gates of hell swing open
mama said "babe that's a screen door broken"
i heard the devil knockin' again
next i knew we had a hurricane
Betsy was a mean old lady, yeah she was
meaner than my old man
or my old man's mama was
well i thought i could take a beating, i thought could
but betsy, that old lady whipped us good

the next day was a hell of a sight
no tellin' how many died
the water in our street ran four feet deep
folks tried to save their automobiles
lived for their cars and died by the wheel
drowning in their drivers seats
so next time that lady comes to town
i tell you baby i ain't hangin' round
you can catch my tail lights on the I10 heading west

when i hear the devil knockin on my window
don't tell me its only wind blowin...

©1997 Mike West

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