Mike's Big Book of Songs

Oddities and Rarities - Strange Places

my pappy told me
no man ever got rich playin' guitar
i said what about eric clapton and bob seegar
he said "i don't know who them fools are"
then he gave me a banjo and finger picks
taught me one tune and a couple of licks
said "play it loud and play it quick
sing it high like a stuck pig
and son, you'll be rich"
so that's what i did

i remember my first roadhouse gig
my name in lights 'mike west tonite no cover'
that was the night that i discovered
not everybody is a banjo lover
i pulled out my axe and played my tune
in five minutes flat i emptied the room
'bout then the barman said
"son you better be done soon"
i said sir if you pay me i'll stop anytime you want me to
so that's what he did

that's how it was every night
if i played the banjo the club pulled the plug
i was a shame on the name of earl scruggs
but i always got paid my two hundred bucks
then one night as i was slipping out the door
a lady said "i love the banjo
and i play the washboard"
i knew then lord
i would marry that girl
so that's what i did

now i twang the banjo and she bangs the board
and together we make a joyous sound Lord
and we take it from town to town
and if one day we have a child i'll sit 'em down
give 'em a banjo and fingerpicks
teach 'em one song and a couple of licks
say play it loud and play it quick
sing it high like a stuck pig
and you'll be rich

you'll find joy in the strangest places
tenderness in a stranger's embrace
you'll find riches in the meanest lookin' face
you'll find joy
in strange places

©1996 Mike West

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