Mike's Big Book of Songs
Oddities and Rarities - Out of State Plates

the starter gone bad
or perhaps the fuel pump
your cables are good
but it still wouldn't jump
the newest car
that you ever bought used
and in your back pocket is the gold band
you slipped from the ring finger of your left hand
cause he's in LA and he's laughing
but you're not amused

and two things
are terribly clear
you're in some kind of trouble
and you ain't from round here
and it's late
and you're broke down
in a strange town
with out of state plates

the tow truck driver
he looks sorry for you
and all your family
are so worried for you
but you are resigned
to your fate
and the auto mechanic said it would cost you
and the lawyer explained why but he lost you
all you know is that you've
got a long long wait

and two things
are terribly clear...

your children are crying
and so are you
and you know exactly
what you should do
your marriage could be saved
the car could be fixed
but you're ready
to write 'em both off
you call you're mama from the motel
and as you'd expect she tries to tell you
"honey, you can't chew
as much as you bite off"

and two things
are terribly clear...

©1999 Mike West

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