Mike's Big Book of Songs

Oddities and Rarities - Johnny Cash

marie is originally from maine
but she's moving to nashville and changing her name
to mary-ellen
'cause she heard country count cown a couple of times
and figured she could write those corny rhymes
and make her million

randy goes to open mikes
to sing a song and see a girl he likes called suzanne
and he likes to think he's some kind of bard
but if you see his buisness card
it says auto retail nissan

everybody's going to music city
to see opryland and conway twitty
and the ghost of johnny cash
that haunts the aisles of the super x
and the honky tonks still kick ass
and the men at the union mission look as sick as
johnny cash

tom hates to play bluegrass
but if you show him a little cash
he'll show willing
everyone wants to hear 'dueling banjos'
it's the one song every woman and man knows
and it's killing him

koto has a sushi bar
with photographs of all the stars
that dine there
some you'll recognize for sure
but most of them are too obscure
it's a sobering reminder
that everybody's going to music city...

i found a room by a used car lot
with rats, roaches and dry rot
i'm gonna learn a little finger pickin'
i'm gonna get this country thing licked
then i'm going down to music city...

...i feel as sick as Johnny cash

©1993 Mike West

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