Mike's Big Book of Songs

Oddities & Rarities - In the Morning

and in the morning i know i'll find
I'll be suffering the effects of the wine
and I'll look at you and see
in the harsh light of day
you're a headache that won't go away.

I'll pick up the clothes that lie on the floor
leaving a trail from the bedroom to the front door
I'll put on a coffee and take a shower
I'll have to hurry to be at work in half an hour
and in the morning...

i drunk two pints of water
and still woke with a hangover
lying on my shoulder
i thought i had learned some self control
but i swear i get worse
as i get older

tonight i won't think of consequence
on red beans and rice and white wine
good advice becomes nonsense
and i will not say that i love you
and I'll tell you why, 'cause when i tell a lie
it comes true
and in the morning...

©1994 Mike West

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