Mike's Big Book of Songs

Oddities and Rarities - American Jeans

i'm gonna buy calf skin boots
for my little clay feet
and a wide brim hat
to keep the sun off my nosey little beak
when i get to the cashiers desk
i'm gonna get those five dollar shades
then i'll stop into a thrift store
and get some korean made
american jeans
american jeans
europeans would give a weeks pay
for a pair of american jeans

gonna get a button down shirt
and tuck it in my belt
it's a two inch strap
with a three pound buckle
gonna stop into a pawn shop
with the money i saved
gonna buy myself a banjo
all american indonesian made
american jeans
american jeans
the berlin wall lies in smithereens
'cause east germans want
american jeans

i'm gonna buy a house in the suburbs
with a flagpole in the drive
where i'll park my toyota
and keep my dog tied
i'm gonna raise a banner
i'm gonna raise it high
now, i'm not talking 'bout the stars and stripes
i mean my button fly korean made levis
american jeans
american jeans
gonna live out my cowboy dreams
gonna buy those american jeans

©1994 Mike West

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