Mike's Big Book of Songs

Oddities and Rarities - America Girl

when carlos came to amerca
with his american bride
they took his finger prints and his photograph
from both front and side
the immigration officer looked at carlos
long and hard
he said "we know you spics
marry american chics
just so you can get a green card"
but carlos said

"i don't like your country
i don't like your way of life
i wouldn't be here
if it wasn't for my wife
i'm not enamoured with your new world
i just married an american girl"

carlos said to the immigration officer
"man, i've got nothing to hide
i don't plan to over throw your government
and i've never participated in genocide
if you don't want me here i'll go home
hell, i'd be glad to
my wife was born in louisiana
i only came here 'cause she said i had to
i don't like you country..."

when carlos goes walking with his wife
all the neighbors stare
at this tall white woman
with a little yellow fella with curly black hair
technically he's an alien
but not the kind from outer space
you'd think he was from another planet
to see the look on his neighbor's face
when carlos says
"i don't like your country..."

©1994 Mike West

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