Mike's Big Book of Songs

New South - Love's Wake

love it was dying
in a hospital room
the smell of disinfectant
it's only perfume
and no one came to visit love
there in its final hours
no one wrote love letters
no one sent it flowers
like they used to
back when love was young
now the honeymoon was over
but still love hung on
and all that was killing love
they say, was neglect
but love had no illusions
it knew what to expect
the doctor's prognosis
left little doubt
that love
was on it's way out
you and i we came to visit love
to see what we could do
love didn't even recognize us
for a minute or two
then the fog lifted
and love put on a brave smile
said "pull up them two chairs you two
and sit with me a while
there are things i want to tell you
things you should know
so you two fools can get along
with each other when i go
you got to be careful now
avoid heated conversations
don't throw your weight around child
you gotta learn patience
there's still a slim chance
that i may recover
but if i don't you both know
you'll find other lovers
and friendship will remain
don't shake your head like that
friendship been a better friend
to you than i ever have"

love it died
at four o'clock this morning
you were sleeping in your chair
when i woke up yawning
to see love lying there
finally at peace
and i cried
and felt release
and the only consolation
at that moment then
was knowing you and i were here together
with love to the end
you and i here together
to the end

©2002 Mike West

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