Mike's Big Book of Songs

Interstate 10 - Not Angry... Tired

it was a sunday when tom came around
and said "give me your cd player or you life"
i didn't argue 'cause tom had a knife
i said "tom, i don't understand
you're acting like a fool
you know me, we went to the same school"
he said "eddie, that's not the point
you were always fair
it's not you i'm after
it's you CD player"
i thought about that while tom was busy
dismantling my gear
about how he would've sliced me
from ear to ear

i won't worry myself about it
i will lay my head down
if i find a soft spot in the ground

when tom finally left with my machine
which he so desired
i wasn't angry, i was just tired
so i went out to a local bar
not so far from here
thought i'd find consolation in beer
and who should be there in that same bar
but sandy, my ex wife
she was having a drink with tom
the man with a knife
i said "sandy! what the hell are you doing
that man took what was mine"
and she said "well so did you for a long long time
but I'm not angry I'm just tired"

i won't worry myself about it...

when i got home from the pub that night
i just stared at my stack system stereo
at the little empty space
where my CD player should go
i thought about what had been stolen
and what had been lost
and what could be regained
and at what cost
and how i let sandy go
'cause i wanted an easy life
and there are thing more frightening
than a man with a knife

i won't worry myself about it...

©1994 Mike West

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