Mike's Big Book of Songs

Interstate 10 - Born to Drive

you look so natural behind a wheel
you make poetry from rubber and steel
when you turn the key and slip in the clutch
yeah, you're too much

you can roll a cigarette in one hand
while the other holds a can of beer
you use your legs to steer

some are born for greatness
most of us think we are
some are born to waitress
some are born to be movie stars
i know all about destiny
i've read all the great lives
from the power and the glory to the monroe story
trust me, i know
you were born to drive

you drive stick
shift gear
you're smiling ear to ear
you've got a sun burn on your left arm
you're caught in traffic
but you're keeping calm

some are born to greatness
most of us were born to try
some are to be presidents
and some of those are born to die
some are born for tragedy
some are born to thrive
if jan vermeer was born to paint
then baby you were born to drive

we were driving across lake charles
at ten o'clock last night
the oil refineries were all lit up like
christmas lights
today a savior was born
today a savior was born
today my savior was born
and she was born to drive

©1994 Mike West

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