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i grew up in new jersey off exit 91
in new jersey it ain't the town, it's the exit you come from
one day i started driving south on 95
no idea where i was headed but i knew i had arrived
when after 14 hours i finally reached
the fine white sands of jacksonville beach

so write write me a letter mama
tell me how you miss me
how my babies are crying
and pa's still pissed at me
lord knows there are worse places to be
but i ain't coming back to new jersey

i remember asbury park not as it is but as it was
when everyone knew someone who went to high school with the boss
and i learned to play the guitar lick to born to run
the same year that they made it the new jersey state song
so write me a letter...

i must have worried you half to death
when i called you from florida and told you i had left
for good, and you said "how could
any son of mine leave his family behind"

i grew up in new jersey, now i live in Jacksonville
there's a southern twang to my jersey accent, but still
i ain't so far from you, as you might expect
i'm on the same damn interstate, just off a different exit
so write me a letter...

©2000 Mike West

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