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you've got a half acre of hillbilly heaven
with live oaks and cedar trees
your little girl jumpin' on a trampoline
and you up to your eyes in elbow grease
manda's gotta stay in third grade
she's slipping behind at school
you've got to lay in the bed you've made
but that's alright with you
that's alright

you've seen the lawyer and you've seen the judge
and you're playing out your hand
there's a lot at stake though it don't look much
an eight year old girl and a piece of land
about a half acre of hillbilly heaven...

here's no end to this
it's a wonder you haven't killed him
all you want is to raise your kid
and live in the house you've been building
on a half acre of hillbilly heaven...

sunday night you gotta take the girl back
to her daddy's trailer
you go to hug her and she pulls away
but your love will never fail her
you'll never fail her

©2000 Mike West

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