Mike's Big Book of Songs

Econoline - Any Time Now

i was sitting on my step waiting for a letter
post man past with nothing to deliver
i said "wait up postman, where's my letter
she has my address she knows where i live"
he said "oh son , what's your hurry
that letter gonna come don't you worry
when it does it'll tear you in two
when she tells you she's leaving you"

any time now
some time soon
anytime of day
before or afternoon
can't say for sure
but rest assured
it's on it's way to you

lying in my bed i heard breaking glass
a crow bar crunch and the scream of wheels
dialed 911 said "please come fast
someone's stealing my automobile"
they said "oh son, just relax
you're gonna get your automobile back
it'll show up soon enough
with the windows out and the wheels off"

any time now...

so i went to church with my rosary
counted my prayers on the little blue beads
waiting for god's glory
waiting for god's glory
he said "oh son, what's your hurry
i'm not a lamb, I'm a sword of fury
when i come i'll tear you in two
'cause what i make i must undo"

any time now

all things come to those who wait
but I'm not waiting, no I'm not
I'm not waiting for your letters
I'm not waiting for these cops
I'm not waiting for redemption
all my waiting's gonna stop

©1995 Mike West

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