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16 Easy Songs for Drill & Banjo - Travelin' Salesman

daddy is a travelin’ salesman
he sure gets around
man loves to travel
got a woman in every town
he is a single parent
of nine daughters and two sons
now that’s what i call a family man
he loves each and every one

my mama is from new orleans
she worked the old quarter
when i was only two days old
my daddy bought me from her
for five hundred dollars
that’s all he had to pay
cheap at any price
is what he would say

‘cause daddy is a travelin’ salesman...

i got a sister who’s a judge
got a sister who’s in jail
one brother is dumb as a rock
the other is at yale
but daddy always told us all
“all you can do is try
and you can tell me anything
just don’t tell me no lie”

‘cause daddy is a travelin’ salesman..

now me i am a truck driver
so i like my crank
and if i die ‘fore i’m thirty five
i’ll have crystal meth to thank
when they come to bury me
my dad he won’t budge
he’ll say “a man can only
love his child
it ain’t for him to judge”

‘cause daddy is a travelin’ salesman...

©1999 Mike West

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