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16 Easy Songs for Drill & Banjo -  Snow In New Orleans

i’ve seen wind
tear trees up by their roots
i’ve seen hail
the size of my fist smash windows
and put holes in this roof
i’ve seen the river run high
and i’ve seen it run low
i’ve seen it rain
i’ve seen it flood
and now i’ve seen it snow
i’ve seen some things
you would not believe
like snow in new orleans
on christmas eve

i’ve seen a child arrested
only twelve years old
for playing a trombone
on jackson square
and not doing as he was told

seen a man kill a cop
in a bar on decatur
saw that man shot
by whom i won’t say
only two hours later

i’ve seen the river run high...

there was ice on the bayou
took an axe to break it
if i had me some skates
i could have skated
on the banks of the levee
lay a fine white powder
if i had me a sled
i could have sled down there
it was colder than lafayette
it was a white Christmas
in louisiana

©1999 Mike West

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