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16 Easy Songs for Drill & Banjo -  Bartender Song

party’s over, i ain’t serving you another beer
finish up your drink and get your ass out of here
i’ve been putting up with your bull all evening
that dollar on the counter better not be all that you are leaving
you stiffed the waitress, now you’re gonna stiff me
how you sleep at night is a mystery to me
and i got better things to do

i’ve thrown out bigger men, meaner too
i threw out franky ford one time when he was drunker than you
that’s when franky was something, way back when
before franky ford he started going out with men
so don’t mess with me, hell i mean it
there’s a thirty eight revolver
behind this bottle of jim beam
and i got better things to do

i’m gonna meet my girlfriend
when i get off work
we’ll both get drunk and then
i’ll start a fight with her
and maybe we’ll make up,
maybe we won’t
maybe i’ll go home with her,
maybe i’ll go home alone
‘cause i got better things to do

©1999 Mike West

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