Mike's Big Book of Songs

16 Easy Songs for Drill & Banjo -  After the Flood

snakes and alligators
are eating up
old ladies and little babies
washed away the night before
the morning after the flood

the only way to get about
is on a boat
but better watch out
there are pirates out at sea
who’ll take your gold and jewelry
then drown you and your honey
the morning after the flood

caught between the river and
the swamp
the sewer and the city dump
there’s water water everywhere
but not a drop to drink

mr puglea says he’ll shoot
any fool who tries to loot
his grocery store
so tony and me row a pirogue
straight through mr puglea’s window
circumnavigating his beer aisle

all the kids think it’s a holiday
‘cause there ain’t no school today
just snakes and alligators . . .

mr schiro had to do it
he denies it but we all knew it
was him who decided to
let the water rush on through
by opening up the flood gates to
florida avenue

now the mayor has saved the city
you and i will have to save ourselves
from snakes and alligators...

©1999 Mike West

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